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At MC3 Solutions we have services that are specifically aimed at the home users who require professional computer and laptop repair - support at an affordable price.

Based in Leigh, Lancashire. MC3 Solutions have over 25 years experience repairing computers and laptops. Offering a local, affordable, professional service, we can do "in house" maintenance or take it back to base for more indepth repairs if needed. In addition we provide remote access support.

We respond to everything from a simple repair to a complete computer upgrade.

We repair, install and maintain - a complete package.


All computers & laptops

Windows not booting/System crashes

Hardware malfunctioning

Internet problems

Printer problems

Operating system installs

Internet/Network security

Networking the home

Wifi networks (Wireless)

File and printer sharing

Virus removal

PC health checks

Spyware/Adware removal

Data recovery / backup

Hardware driver updates


MC3 Solutions do not charge a call out fee.

After consultation with you, it will be agreed if work will be carried out "on site" or we "repair back at base". The rates charged are broken into categories:

Onsite repair service

Repair back at base

Install Network - Broadband and wireless

Technical support - Remote PC access

Note: Any parts required are charged in addition to labour.

Onsite Repair Service
A minimum of 1 hour labour is charged which includes a diagnostic fee, thereafter we charge at ½ hourly intervals.

Home user:
Monday - Sunday (8:00am till 8:00pm) - £30 per hour.

Repair back at base

Jobs that normally take more than 2 hours are repaired back at base, this is cost effective for the customer.

Here are some common "repair back at base" prices:


Reinstalling an operating system - £50
The PC will be formatted which will destroy all current data. A new version of Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7) will then be loaded and patched fully up to date.

Note: The customer will need to produce a valid license key which is often found on the case.


Virus removal service - £60
This service includes removal of any infections currently on the computer. Check Anti-virus software and update or alternatively install one that has a better detection rate. Update Windows. Defragment hard drive.

If your computer is heavily damaged through the infection and a repair is not possible, a reinstallation will be required. You will be consulted before any action is taken.


Back up user documents - £20
The customer must specify what is to be backed up (for example - music, photo's, documents, etc) to a maxium of 3 DVDs (approx 12Gb data). Additional DVDs cost £10 each.

Please contact us for other rates.

Install network - Broadband and wireless
Home network (wired or wireless) - £65

The price includes adding up to 2 computers to a network (wired or wireless) which will be set to have a secure connection plus a file and printer share facility if needed.

Additonal computers can be added to the network at £20 each.

If not provided by the customer, all hardware required including routers, usb adapters and cables will be charged in addition to the above costs.

Remote PC access
Technical support - remote PC access.

1 Hour (Up to) - £20

For further details on Technical support please visit this page.